MISSION : Cultivate Artistry ; Plant Seeds of Change.
The Artsboretum project taps our roots (music) the vast knowledge and experience of the past, with the emerging new technologies of the present (internet, social media, technology) to cultivate a more promising and just future.
GOALS :  Empower independent artists to create a sustainable living while they engage in community service to build a more sustainable world.

We pledge to produce and participate in events and programs that provide performance/artist exposure and employment while benefiting local arts education and non-profit programs.
If you would like to help support our mission, just call me at 415-789-MARI and let's have a chat!
Thanks! - Mari Mack (Tamburo) Founder

p.s.  If you need help with social media or sprucing up your online marketing presence, check out some of the projects we've done with our media partner,  A Vehicle for Change

Artsboretum is dedicated to the preservation of a rich music arts legacy and to the cultivation of conscious independent music artists and audiences. We strive to inspire independent music artists to produce their best works, expose them to new audiences and empower them to become self sustaining by offering education, collaboration and performance opportunities that serve the community.  

FAQ : 
Q: How did The Artsboretum project get started?
A: The seeds for this non-profit project took root many years ago, when Arne Frager convinced KFOG to resurrect “Live from The Plant” to raise money for Bay Area Food Banks. Essentially, our original non-profit plan, A Vehicle for Change, was a way to expand upon the Plant Studios' service to the local music and non-profit communities (as in "music is a vehicle for change.) Previous organizations served by “The Plant Studios” include: Little Kids Rock, KSRH, the Girl Scouts, Youth In Arts, Blue Bear School of Music, Bread and Roses, Missing Children’s Foundation and more. As the music and recording industry took a downturn, it became more difficult to be philanthropic. I  started researching feasibility and community need in 2006.
In 2007, our first effort, A Vehicle for Change started up. This now drives our creative conscious commerce division. In March of 2008, when The Plant Studios ceased operating in Sausalito, we started developing the “Artsboretum” project. (more on that here.)
Q: Why use the arts to “plant seeds for change” – why not just give directly to the non-profits that bring about positive change?
A: We believe that the arts, especially music, have the ability to bring hope where there is despair. Therefore, we choose to nurture those who make music and art, so they will in turn, nurture others. As we provide our community's musicians and artists with room and tools to grow, we empower the messages contained within their creative expression. Our roots are in music,  and we encourage collaboration with all arts disciplines.
After all, musicians work with visual artists for posters, album/cd cover art - and some of our favorite musicians are also visual artists: Grace Slick, Tony Bennett, Sam Andrew, Ron Wood, John Lennon, Jerry Garcia.
Plus, it's pretty difficult to dance without music!