Time Jumpers : Old School Countryfied Swing
SF BAY AREA (sort of - in alphabetical order) 
Atma Anur : Drummer/producer. Out there, but he is amazing. I met him in the late 80's- he approached me after a Morty's jam. Unfortunately for us in the Bay Area, he moved to Poland.
Lynn Asher : Lynn is one of my soulful sisters - she is so focused and positive.
Don Bassey : Bass player, singer, Buddha type dude. He rocks in so many ways.
Tracy Blackman : singer, songwriter. Tracy has taught for Blue Star and is currently playing in Danny Click's band. We sang together in the Breastival. She's a soulful person.
Jesse Brewster : Also contributes his talents to Breastival. He's a singer/songwriter on the rise.
Jamie Clark : incredibly soulful voice, I first heard Jamie at a Steve Sodokoff event.
JL Stiles :  I can't describe him. He's an artist.
Danny Click : guitar hero, songwriter. I admire his amazing focus and honesty.
Maiden Lane : Rock. This group of young musicians are in it for the long haul,but something tells me they won't have to haul for very long...
Mari Mack : me. I guess you could say I'm influenced by old school blues/soul, but I have a lot more music to record yet.  My band : Livin' Like Kings
Monophonics : old school soul band. In 2007, I asked Andrew Fried, one of our assistant engineers at The Plant, who was also working at the Boom Boom Room, what band he thought we approach for a non-profit artist development project. He said, "The Monophonics" - that resulted in their first CD, "Playin' Simple"and their second one as well.
Jay Trainer : a kindred spirit! He started a similar non-profit project to our initia "A Vehicle for Change" project, called "Artful Change"
Susan Z : probably best known for her work with Mountain Play, Susan produces a yearly event in Fairfax to raise awareness and funding to fight breast cancer. This year's event is called Rack n Roll Breastival.
NOTE :  Artsboretum does not represent these artists in any way, we just want you to check them out. If you like the work, support the artist directly. If you would like to help the Artsboretum continue to grow this website and our ability to produce non-profit events that support our independent artist community contact us! 

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