NOTE :  This is a work in progress. This is a volunteer labor of love.

Artsboretum does not currently represent these artists/entities, we just want you to check them out. 
If you like their work, support them directly. 

John Cuniberti's One Mic Series : John Cuniberti is an accomplished recording engineer. His focus lately has been capturing performances with one mic, and it has become somewhat of a discovery tool.

Floating Records - Founder Don Zimmer is a kindred spirit. We have similar thoughts and ideas about writing music in the studio, helping each other through music. I consider him a "brother from another mother." Floating Records' releases are in the Americana, blues, country vein.

NPR Music : First Listen - this tends to gravitate toward established acts' new releases and new artists that have the label marketing machine in place. At least as far as we can tell. 
Support your local station by making a donation

NPR Tiny Desk Concerts :

NPR Tiny Desk Contest : You have to sift through a lot of bad videos (including ours) to get to the good stuff, but if you love discovering music, it's fun!  

Radio Garden : A very cool app that allows you to listen in to many radio stations all across the world.  This app is a bit buggy at times, but it is still really cool. They keep upgrading it. A glimpse into humanity through sound.


Atma Anur : Drummer/producer.  I met him in the late 80's- he approached me after a Morty's jam. Unfortunately for us in the Bay Area, he moved to Poland, but he is still making music and sharing it on the internet. He was in Journey for a very short time.

Tab Benoit : A soulful cat. Talented and passionate about wetlands protection. A kindred spirit, for sure.

JL Stiles :  I can't describe him. He's an artist. Americana, folk?

Monophonics : old school soul band. In 2007, I asked Andrew Fried, (then) an assistant engineer at The Plant, (who was also working at the Boom Boom Room, ) what band he thought we approach for a pilot non-profit artist development project.
He said, "The Monophonics." That resulted in their first CD, "Playin' Simple"and their second one as well. Since they added Kelly Finnigan to the lineup, they have played all over the US and Europe and their star continues to rise. Check them out, especially if you like to move to the groove!

I found the Balkan Paradise Orchestra on facebook. Blues harp legend Charlie Musselwhite turned me onto them.


Women's Audio Mission

Changing the face of sound. When I worked at The Plant, I was encouraged to see a few women in the industry, but less than five percent of audio engineer jobs are held by women.
WAM is helping to change that, in a very positive way.

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