Thursday, April 22, 2010


Earth Day Marin Green Song Contest

Winners of the Green Song Contest

Top Performer Winner (will play at Earth Day Marin 4/24 - College of Marin): “Regeneration” by Sofi Rox (aka Sofi Setrakain)

Platinum Winner – “Silent Spring” by Dore Coller (Savannah Blue)
*Gold Winner – “Use it Again” by Murray Orrick*(Let’s Go Green)
*Silver Winner – “Global Warmin” by Elmo Shropshire/Rita Abrams*(Dr. Elmo)
Bronze Winner – “Rescue” by Scott Stephens (Liquid Blue)

Promising Young Performer Local – Matt Jaffe for “Scientific Reasoning” and “Sitting Ducks”
Promising Young Performer National – Augustina Mensa-Kwao (Tenacious T) for “Nature’s Worth”

Honorable Mentions (random order):
“Believe” – by Nicole Sutton & Mark McGee (Luv Planet)
“Ballad of Ballad of John Francis, Planetwalker” – by John Wilson
“A Beautiful World” - by Julie Steier
“Peace For Our Planet Earth” by Paul Feia

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