Saturday, September 18, 2010


West Marin - 10/09/2010 - Ranch Nicasio - a completely different vibe and a completely different show - Call to reserve advance tickets $12 : 415-662-2219 or pay more on the day of the show: $15
If you subscribe to the "DIRT" email me proof that you bought an advance ticket and I'll have a special personalized "thank you" gift waiting for you at the show. It will be different than the "thank you" gift for the 142 show, unique to this Rancho show! So, please call and reserve your spot asap! 415-662-2219
By the way, speaking of the Rancho, did you know that Angela Strehli really deserves a lot of the credit for motivating me to start this album? Here's why: about six years ago, after I sat in on a few impromptu tunes with the Rancho All Stars, Angela called me the next day and said, "I feel as if we've discovered a treasure." Now you can only imagine how, someone like me, a singer who's been slugging out in clubs for most of my career and who had pretty much given up on a lot of my dreams by that point in my life, would feel at a moment like that. I mean, think about it -here is the very same Angela Strehli - who is referred to by many true blues aficionados as the "Queen" of the 80's Austin blues scene, which also spawned Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lou Ann Barton and Marcia Ball - and she's taking the time to call ME and say something like that? Well, I was so floored by her kindness and generosity of spirit, that I still get choked up to this day just thinking about that phone call. Plus, Mike Duke, the wonderful singer/player/songwriter (he wrote "Power of Love" the Huey Lewis hit) who plays in the Rancho Nicasio All Stars - appears on "Can't Go Back." How could we NOT do a show at the Rancho to celebrate the CD release? Anyway, hope to see you there! -- MM

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