Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to Be Happy : It All Starts With Love

How to be happy: Whatever you do, do with LOVE.
For example : If you are a musician, make music that comes from your heart.
You don't need anyone's permission - you just need to love it enough to have the DESIRE to take action. It's that simple, really.
Then you find a way to share that music, whether it is a recording or a live show.
When you make a connection, people will share with their friends.
Your audience will grow organically, over time.
Take Danny Click for example. I met Danny several years ago at an informal jam session. A couple of the guys there could barely play - but Danny, he was the real deal. He plays regularly, usually every other Thursday at the Sleeping Lady. As a result, he has developed a loyal following - which is why a couple of people, myself included, nominated him for this year's Bohemian's best of the North Bay Music Awards in the Country/Americana category  (HERE )
If you haven't heard Danny's music yet, don't just take my word for it, go to his website and check it out. Nominate from your heart or not at all.
It all starts with LOVE.
- MM

p.s. If Country/Americana isn't your thing, go here instead, scroll all the way down the page and look for a category that represents the music genre you love. You can nominate someone or find some new music artist that someone else thinks is worth nominating for a BoHo.
p.p.s. I probably should mention that I'll be playing on Thursday 9/1/11 at the Smokehouse in Novato, with my band Livin' Like Kings - Rockin' rhythm and blues in our own old school way, with horns. (btw : Danny Click is NOT playing the Sleeping Lady on Thursday, September 1st. Thank goodness.)
"Want innovation AND independence? Trust artists, not marketeers and profiteers."   Mark Swed, LA Times Music Critic 

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