Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Art of Biodiversity: The Tree of Forty Fruits, 2.0

Several years ago, many of us became fascinated with the tree of forty fruit, and we shared it with each other online. It went viral and got picked uo by tradional media outlets, such as Smithsonian Magazine, which is where I borrowed this photo:

Well, in addition to this work of art being beautiful, the tree of forty fruit teaches powerful lessons about culture, food security, biodiversity, patience, and all the things we learn when tending a garden.

Wouldn't this be a great addition to every school garden?

Here's more information by the artist who created it, Sam Van Aken.
It takes twenty minutes to watch, so give yourself this gift.



P.s. One of the forty fruits on the tree is peach, which you need to make Peach Mint Tea, which leads me to sneak in a self promotion for my latest song, "Peach Mint Tea Blues"

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