Friday, February 16, 2024

Wisdom Supply : Zero Waste Teacher Planner! Deadline to Order: March 1st, 2024

Did you know that most people still use analog, paper planners? When more are manufactured than sold,  many of those planners end up in the landfill. 

I have witnessed this first hand working several gigs between gigs. 

Wisdom Supply is a company based out of San Anselmo, CA (mailing address is in Sausalito,) it was founded by two women who couldn't find recyclable products when shopping for school supplies. They are making a concerted effort to educate about Zero Waste through their main product - a teacher planner! And they plan to manufacture through presale, which means - less waste! 

To go directly to order the 2024-25 Teacher Planner, go here. You will see a redirect notice when you click on it, but just go ahead and click again:

If you know a teacher, please share, as the deadline to order the 2025 teacher planner is March 1st, 2024

Thanks for reading and sharing.

To go to their e-commerce site, which they are winding down, btw, go here. (They recently placed a "reserve" button for the planner on the front page, which leads to the above link.)

Never give up. Through many small efforts, we can make this world a better place! 

 - Mari 

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