Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

Just got back from a nice brisk walk on Evergreen. It's a very unique place in this world - it has no sidewalks, so the whole street is more like a multi use pathway : a mixture of cars, pedestrians and bicyclists.  I love that street.
During my walk, I had a chance to think about the weekend, and my goals for this week. Many loose ends to tie up, and I have to get that calendar info to Barry so we can have it printed in time for the next Breastival show.
On Saturday, Seager Gray Gallery had a WONDERFUL turnout for their grand opening on Sunnyside Avenue. We've posted some pics on our facebook page : CLICK HERE It's a great space filled with thought provoking pieces, and I ran into a bunch of friends that I just saw the previous night at Shelley and Dave's 11/11/11 party. I talked to Dave Rodrigues, who was about to head over to the Throckmorton for the Boogie Woogie Night. (I met Dave in 2009, while we were practicing for Thrill the World Sausalito.) He mentioned  the Conrad Murray trail and I promised to send him the link to 'First Do No Harm.' ...Anyway, I'm very excited about what is going on in our community. I sense a new appreciation for music and the rebirth of our local arts scene - and a commitment by people with resources to support the arts all over America. Or maybe it's just me becoming more aware of it, because I now have my roots firmly planted in Mill Valley, following my dreams without any distractions. Speaking of which, I'm going to make a few calls and send out some emails, post something on facebook - to see if I can gather some local non-profit arts partners for an Art Place America LOI - which is due tomorrow! Or, maybe the outreach will inspire some others to partner with each other, whereever they want to "create an art place." We are all connected, so we can all work together to replace some more dead empty store fronts with vibrant, art filled spaces - where people are creating, sharing and LIVING LIFE. - Mari
p.s. I'll be hanging at "Grow" in Tam Junction at Mill Valley Potter's Studio on Weds. from 1-6 pm. Stop by and say "hi."
p.s.s. : some talented players at this "Magic Flute Sessions" event on Friday :


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