Friday, November 11, 2011

Random DIRT : 11/11

The epicenter of the Marin Arts world is experiencing a shift...
After an abrupt and unexpected dismissal from his position as Marin Arts Council's Executive Director (the Board cited "budgetary issues" as the reason) Argo Thompson has found his footing at a place that probably feels a bit more like home : Mill Valley's 142 Throckmorton Theatre. 
In a strange plot twist, he is their new Development Director (fundraising a key component of the job) but this position seems a better fit for him - after all, he has a theatre background and has raised funds to build the 6th Street Playhouse. It would appear that San Rafael's loss is Mill Valley's gain. Sure, Argo has a bit longer of a commute, but he drives a hybrid!
Another arts entity that is out of San Rafael is Donna Seager Gallery. Donna has forged a partnership with her long time gallery assistant, Suzanne Gray McSweeney and the pair have opened up a new space : the Seager Gray Gallery - at 23 Sunnyside in Mill Valley.  Grand Opening : Nov. 12th, 5:00-8:00 pm 
A little farther down the road in Tam Junction,  Grow Art and Garden Education Center officially opened its doors on November 5th.  I was so impressed with Grow and the positive energy of the Potters' Studio director, Jennie Dito, that I've committed to a class for the next six weeks  - it's a great workout for my hands between all this social media, blogging, and learning to play guitar.  Our teacher, Lynne Meade, is a treasure trove of knowledge, as she's been making ceramics since she was eight years old! How amazing is that?  Lynne also teaches at Cal and has shown her beautiful porcelain pieces at Sausalito Art Festival. What an inspiration. I'm so grateful to have this opportunity so close to home.
Speaking of cultivating creativity at an early age - Megan Schiller is also teaching at Grow - her Make + Believe Children's Art Studio, which occupies a tot-sized space, is just right for little budding artists. 
If you haven't been to Grow yet, check it out at Tam Junction a long abandoned building is now bursting with plant life, chickens and art - you'll LOVE what they've done with the place!

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