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I am a member of this org and rent a space, where I am working on my "Landfill Diversion Project." I am running out of space, and hope to be handing off some of this stuff soon, and/or the expand in the future. I think what Marin needs is, in additional to affordable artist (of any genre) housing,  a space like ScrapSF

Marin Open Studios on facebook.

Coal Shed Art Studios : Vallejo

Jeremy Fish  - truly a kindred spirit, uses his powers for good, loves North Beach, an ol' hood close to my heart and soul.

Bonnie Hofkin Studios 
Erika Iris Simmons - art from recycled materials | Erika on Instagram
Marc Blake - photography and more
Pete Dungey - photography and more - pothole gardens 

Villafane Studios - sculptor, best known for his pumpkin carving
Jhaya - aRRRtworks  

Gary Blehm : If you have visited our Facebook group, you will recognize his work!

Please note: We do not represent these artists in any way, we just want you to check them out.
If you like their work, support them directly.

Artists do not/cannot pay a fee for their inclusion on this list.

If you would like to nominate an artist for this list, please nominate them by sending us a message through our Facebook page  - Thanks!

 -- MT